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1-05 Chinese Art - Volume I
1. Dark grey earthenware vessel - Shang dynasty - 12th-11th century B.C.

Globular vessel, with spreading foot and neck, fitted with two triangular handles pierced with small holes, of compact dark grey earthenware, the surface burnished, with a narrow chevron band round the middle and a number of incised rings turned on the wheel (height 12,7 cm).

2. Unglazed earthenware jar - Early Chou dynasty

Globular jar with wide short neck and deep spreading foot-ring, decorated round the shoulders with a band of incised chevron pattern interrupted by three lugs with pierced holes, of dark grey earthenware with a burnished surface (height 15,9 cm).

3. Unglazed earthenware vase - Chou dynasty

Vase with pear-shaped body, with two projecting lugs on the shoulders, fitted with a cover in the form of a bird's head, of compact dark grey earthenware which has been burnished. There are two bands of decoration, one above and the other below the two lugs, of S-scrolls and spirals respectively, which have been applied by burnishing the decoration on an unburnished band. The piece is covered in places with earth encrustation (height 29,6 cm).

4. Black earthenware cup with scroll handles - Middle or late Chou dynasty - 7th-5th century B.C.

Beaker-shaped cup with a ridge centrally placed, fitted with two elaborate vertical side-handles in the form of bird-headed dragons with foliated tails, of black earthenware. The cup has been burnished except for two narrow bands, one under the lip and the other above the foot. The unburnished bands have been decorated with burnished zig-zag lines. Much of the decoration is hidden under earth incrustation (height 15,0 cm).

5. Unglazed earthenware jar - 4th-3rd century B.C.

Jar with globular body, round bottomed, and with wide short neck and flanged mouth rim, of coarse light reddish-brown earthenware, burnt grey by reduction in places, and covered with criss-cross cord impressions on the upper part and an open-matted impressed decoration on the lower part. Two characters impressed on the neck, the upper one reading huang, only is decipherable; it is probably a potter's mark (height 17,8 cm).

6. Unglazed earthenware jar - Warring States period - 4th century B.C.

Globular jar, with wide shoulders and mouth, tapering towards the flat base. Red earthen ware with black surface, with fabric beaten decoration in which earth from burial remains. Two small S-shaped reliefs on the shoulder (height 29,8 cm).

7. Earthenware vase and cover, with glass insets - Warring States period - 4th century B.C.

Squat globular jar, with slightly domed coyer surmounted by a knob of earthenware With inset round and oval glass plaques. The glass is much degraded but seems to be of the 'eye-bead' type, with turquoise and white segments. The round plaques on the body, in sets of six, are placed against a background of brown pigment and surrounded by borders of oval plaques. On the cover, there are two bands of plaques set in groups of three (height 11,4 cm).