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1-04 Chinese Art - Volume I
1. Unglazed earthenware tripod cooking vessel (li-ting) - Shang dynasty

Cooking vessel on three short udder-like legs, with scratched designs, of coarse grey earthenware left unglazed (height 9,2 cm).

2. Unglazed earthenware tripod - Shang dynasty - 12th-11th century B.C.

Tripod cooking vessel with hollow legs and wide flattened rim, of coarse grey earthenware with cord impressed decoration (diameter 22,2 cm).

3. Stoneware jar - Shang dynasty

Jar of depressed globular form, with wide mouth and short spreading neck, of hard light grey stoneware, with all-over cloth-beaten decoration and incised rings on the shoulder, covered with traces of thin yellowish glaze. The vessel is of coiled construction (height 15,5 cm).

4. Unglazed black earthenware jar - Shang dynasty

Inverted pear-shaped jar with wide expanding neck, fitted with two solid angular side-hadles, decorated with a band of hatched triangles round the shoulders, the decoration interrupted by two circular bosses, of black earthenware, which seems to have been burnished. The interior of the neck has been smoothed by horizontal knife cuts (height 23,4 cm).

5. Unglazed earthenware vase - Perhaps late Shang or Early Chou dynasty

Vase of baluster form supported on a deep wide foot-ring, with two small loops on the neck, fitted with a domed cover surmounted by a small knob, of dark grey earthenware, carved with t'ao-t'ieh motives on the body with a border of rising 'blades' above. Similar decoration round the neck and on the cover. The surface between the bands of decoration and the foot-ring, are burnished (height 17,1 cm).

6. Sherds of white earthenware - Late Shang dynasty - 12th-11th century B.C.

Four sherds of hard white earthenware, with various impressed and carved geometric and dragon designs on them (maximum dimension 12,7 cm).

7. Unglazed earthenware jar - Shang dynasty from An-yang

Jar of bronze lei form, with two animal masks in high relief on the shoulders and one near the base, all three pierced horizontally. Decorated round the shoulder with a carved design of formalised k'uei dragons on a squared spiral ground, and on the rest of the body with zig-zag bands of plain surface alternating with a square spiral design. Hard white pottery with close grain (height 32,6 cm).