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1-03 Chinese Art - Volume I
1. Neolithic grey earthenware jar - Yang-shao culture - Neolithic period

Globular jar with tapering foot, straight sloping shoulder and short expanding neck, decorated round the greatest width with a wavy impressed band, of coarse dark grey earthenware, semi-burnished round the shoulder (height 18,2 cm).

2. Neolithic earthenware vessel - East China, Lung-shan tradition - Neolithic period

Vessel, with three udder-shaped legs and loop-handle (li), of compact black earthenware with combed decoration on the outside. The smooth interior showing that the vessel was made in three separate sections, apparently made on a wheel, and then luted together (height 23,4 cm).

3. Neolithic black earthenware jar - Lung-shan culture - Neolithic period

Depressed globular jar with tapering foot and wide vertical mouth-rim, of fine black earthenware, thinly potted and burnished (diameter 23,8 cm).

4. Neolithic earthenware amphora - Li-fan type ware from north-western Szechuan - Late Neolithic period

Amphora-form vase, with diamond-shaped mouth everted at the lip, the sides narrowing from the Up down the neck and then expanding to the point where shoulder and body merge. Broad flat handles extend upward from the natural curvature of the body to meet the outward curve of the lip. The neck decorated with two rows of vertically incised hatching about an inch below the lip. The body decorated with four spiral motives in low relief, two on each side. Hard, burnished black earthenware fired under reducing conditions (height 15,0 cm).

5. Neolithic earthenware vessel - Ch'i-chia-p'ing ware from Kansu - Late Neolithic period

Vessel with globular lower part, spreading upper part and two simple strap-handles pierced with geometric motives at the top, of brownish buff earthenware, thinly potted and burnished (height 10,9 cm).

6. Neolithic earthenware ewer - Ch'i-chia-p'ing ware - Late Neolithic period

Vessel, somewhat resembling the bronze form ho, with globular lower part, slightly spreading upper part supporting a domed cover, partially cut away and fitted with a short tubular spout, and a simple strap-handle, of brownish buff earthenware, thinly potted and burnished (height 16,4 cm).

7. Neolithic earthenware jar - Yang-shao culture from Kansu, Lo-han-t'ang type - Neolithic period

Ovoid jar, with short expanding neck and everted lip, with a raised band of criss-cross incisions at the junction of body and neck, the lower part of the body decorated with vertical combing, fitted with two loop side-handles at the point of greatest width. Buff earthenware which has been burnished (height 46,5 cm).